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We are the Sisters of Jesus Good Shepherd, commonly called Pastorelle, a name that expresses our belonging to Christ and the grace to share his pastoral mission.

We live as sisters in small communities inserted among the people, sharing who we are and what we have in simplicity and joy.



In the journey that the Spirit has suggested to our Founder, the Blessed Fr. James Alberione, we strive to make more and more space to Christ Way, Truth and Life in our heart so that He may live in us his mystery as Shepherd who gives life in order to gather together the dispersed children of God and that all may discover loved by the Father.

In the Church we take care to accompany the growth of the life in Christ of the people of God, and we do it in cooperation with the priests and with all who are called to the ministry of pastoral care.




Sisters of Jesus Good Shepherd - Pastorelle Sisters