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Pauline Cooperators & Friends

remember Blessed James Alberione


On Sunday 25 November 2007, the Pastorelle community of Bundoora welcomed about forty Cooperators and friends for a paraliturgy in memory of Blessed James Alberione to reflect on the universal call to holiness, a call to which he responded so unreservedly and unconditionally. “The first concern in the Pauline Family is to be holiness of life” (AD90).


“While we remember Fr. Alberione and give thanks for his witness of a holy life, we also wish to bring to our awareness that each one of us to is called to live a life fully given to following and imitating the Lord Jesus”, said Sr. Rita in her introduction to the prayer.


Present were also the Daughters of St. Paul and the Sister Disciples of the Divine Master from Melbourne.



Some of the lovely features of the group were its multicultural face, the spread of ages from five to about eighty, and the expressions of the various vocations to which God calls his children to live the Christian life in the world.


We were helped in our reflection by the word of Pope Benedict, Fr. Alberione, and of course, the Word of God. «All human beings are called to holiness, which ultimately consists in living as children of God, in that “likeness” with him in accordance with which they were created…. God invites everyone to belong to his holy people. The “Way” is Christ, the Son, the holy One of God: “no one comes to the Father but by me [Jesus]” (cf. Jn 14:6)». (Pope Benedict, All Saints, 1 Nov. 2007).


At the end of the prayer, Sr. Rita, presented the new team members that will be responsible for the on going formation of the Cooperators in 2008.


 The team has a married couple, a Daughter of St. Paul and a Pastorelle Sister.


Following the prayer we enjoyed one another’s company over some refreshments.


                                                           Sr. Mary La Bruna