Delegazione Australia

Catholic Vocations Ministry Australia

Biennial Conference 2007


The Catholic Vocations Ministry Australia Biennial Conference 2007 was held at Mary MacKillop Place, North Sydney, from 18-21 September.


The theme of the Conference was



Telling Our Australian Story


Putting Vocations Ministry

within an Australian Context



There were over 150 participants: women and men religious, priests and lay people all engaged in vocations ministry or with an interest in it.


Guest speakers at the Conference were Fr. Gerard Arbuckle, s.m. Ph.D. a graduate in social anthropology from Cambridge University, with postgraduate studies at Oxford University. He spoke on the Realities of post-modernity and the Implications for Vocations Ministry.


Fr. David Ranson, a priest of the Diocese of Broken Bay, lecturing in Spirituality at the Catholic Institute of Sydney. He presented an extensive reflection on Australian Spirituality and the new Movements within the Church and the challenges for Vocational ministry.


Ms Janiene Wilson, an analytic psychotherapist and lecturer in Pastoral Theology at the Catholic Institute of Sydney shared her reflections on the Care for the Vocations Minister: Insights from working with applicants for Religious Life/Priesthood.


Three workshops were also part of the programme and all participants could avail themselves of two out of the three: Doing Justice to a vocation Candidate, ‘Red Flags’ to be aware of in applicants and Vocational Accompaniment – The art of listening.


Sr. Mary Ryan, former Executive Officer CVMA was given the task of weaving together the threads of the conference which she did eloquently well.


On the last day of the Conference, Bishop Anthony Fisher OP, WYD08 Coordinator, joined us in a conversation on World Youth Day 2008 - preparation time, celebration and witnessing beyond (cf.


Sr. Mia Garnace and Sr. Mary La Bruna were the two Pastorelle representatives at the Conference. Present were also other members of the Pauline Family: Sr. Maryanne Attard PDDM, Sr. Emma Garol FSP, Sr. Joanna Coleiro FSP, who also held a book display throughout the Conference, and Br. Lito Layug SSP.


Sr. Maryanne Attard PDDM, Sr. Mia Garnace SJBP,

Sr. Emma Galor FSP DSCO2209

FSP: Book display


Pauline Family with Sr. Veronica McCluskie sgs,

Executive Officer CVMA


The Conference Eucharist was celebrated in the Mary MacKillop Memorial Chapel with Bishop Peter Inghan, bishop of Wollongong, as principal celebrant. Feeling the privilege of being gathered around the table of the Lord in such a holy place, we confidently asked the Lord of the harvest to continue to call and send good labourers into his vineyard.


Sr. Mary La Bruna