Delegation of Korea


MASS WEDDING (Group Wedding)

Last September 13, 2009, four couples had their Catholic wedding, celebrated at the Kasan Elementary School Gymnasium.  The four couples had their civil wedding prior to their Catholic wedding. The wedding ( within the mass) was officiated by Rev. Fr. Patrick Cunningham, SSC and con-celebrated by Rev. Fr. Felixberto Perez, SVD.  There were more than 300 people who attended the celebration.



The objective of the mass wedding was to give opportunity for  Catholic wedding, to those who are living together as husband and wife without the Sacrament of Matrimony.




The four couples suggest that the same will be done again, so that those who wish to have Catholic wedding might be encouraged and can have the opportunity to validate their civil wedding.



The 4th Thursday of November each year is Thanksgiving Day for Americans.  It was historically a religious observation to give thanks to God.

Through the initiative of Mr. Anthony Gray, the past Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus Council #14223, based at the Holy Family Parish, inside the U.S. Army Base in Yongsan, Seoul, South Korea, their THANKSGIVING DAY CELEBRATION this year was shared with different groups and communities and on a Sunday.  Present during the occasion were the Holy Family Parish from Yongsan, Knights of Columbus Council #14223, U.S. Army Base-Camp Hovey, Camp KC, Yongsan Fil-Am Dance Troupe, St. Thomas Parish of Kasan, Good Multi-cultural Family Support Center and Kasan Migrant Workers Center.




The traditional food of turkey, pumpkin pie, stuffing , sweet potatoes, etc. was sponsored by the Holy Family Parish of Yongsan. They brought more than enough for the more or less 350 people who attended the celebration.

The day started with a mass, presided by Rev. Fr. Park Soon Ho Dominico, the parish priest of St. Thomas Parish of Kasan and the director of the Kasan Migrant Workers Center, with Rev. Fr. Armando Dayao, OSA, as con-celebrant. The mass was followed by lunch and presentations from those who were present.



The event was an exchange of cultures through traditional dances, songs and skit.

The men in uniform, headed by Rev. Fr. Leo Moras, their Catholic Chaplain, were very noticeable as they manned the food distribution and related services.

Indeed, the day was enough reason to give THANKS first to God, who allowed it to happen, and to those who prepared the food, place, etc. and those who actually were present.

Although those who participated were coming from different background and cultures, there was a common experience of GODS GRACIOUSNESS.


SIMBANG GABI  (9 days of Masses as preparation for Christmas)

SIMBANG GABI or MISA DE GALLO, is a practice in the Philippines, with Spanish influence.  It is a novena of masses ( 9 days of masses) traditionally celebrated at dawn but at the St. Thomas Parish in Kasan, the Filipino migrant workers had their masses at 9:30 in the evening, because many of them work at the factories up to 8:00 p.m. The masses were officiated by Rev. Fr. Armando Dayao, OSA ( 7 days) and Rev. Fr. Patrick Cunningham, SSC ( 2 days).  Each evening, after the mass, hot soup or traditional Filipino food was served by the sponsors of the evening. On the eve of December 24, the foreign workers, joined the Korean community of St. Thomas Parish during the mass which was presided by Rev. Fr. Park Soon Ho Dominico, the parish priest and director of Kasan Migrant Workers Center.

There was an average of 80 persons each evening, who participated the masses. December 21, before the mass was Reconciliation Day and everybody was encouraged to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation as a fitting preparation for Christmas to prepare a place in our hearts for JESUS, who is the Reason for Christmas.

Sr. Luz Olalia sjbp