Asia - Oceania meeting of Government of Circumscriptions
O3-08 July , 2006 - Quezon City Philippines


Dear Sisters,

          We wish to share with you the moment of grace and fraternal communion that we have experienced during our meeting of the Government of Circumscriptions- Philippines, Korea and Australia with some of sisters of the General Council .

          From 3 to 8 of July, in the new Provincial House in Quezon City, New Manila, we have enjoyed the warm welcome and the hospitality of our Filipino Sisters. In a climate of prayer, contemplation and mutual listening, we have lived the first day sharing our experiences of life and faith in our service of leadership.


             Each day we began our session with an input given by Sr Marta on the theological spiritual and biblical foundation of service in leadership, in the optic of relationship, based on the life of the Trinity.

             We received some guidelines regarding the documentation within the Congregation, the care of the archives and indications pertaining to the economical administration.

             We had the opportunity to visit the new house of the Juniorate, the community and the school at Imus. The students entertained us with cultural dances, music and international songs. Indeed it was for all, a moment of great joy to see so many young people who are the hope and the future of the Church and of the world.



           We have also reflected and exchanged suggestions on a number of areas such as: the International Seminar on the Ministry of Pastoral Care; the possibility of a new opening in Asia; Issues related to formation and how we can help and support each other in the pastoral mission.



            During the meeting we felt in communion with the whole Congregation through prayer, Eucharistic Celebrations, aware that we are one family on the journey.



          In the spirit of communion and in the love of Jesus Good Shepherd, let us continue journeying together with hope and trust in the action that the Father continues to accomplish through us.

          With love and prayer.

Sisters of Asia-Oceania (Korea, Australia, Philippines)