Philippine-Saipan Province

Canonical Visit

October 30 – December 7, 2007



The encounter with Christ

renews our pastoral care



The Province of Philippine–Saipan has been blessed by the Lord through the Canonical Visit done by our Superior General, Sr. Marta Finotelli and General Council Members, Sr. Luz Mary Oliveros and Sr. Purisima Tanedo, Secretary General, who acted as translator for the retreatants of the 3 batches of Spiritual Exercises and different Group Encounters. One of the highlights of this Canonical Visit aside from the Spiritual Exercises was the visit to the communities animated by Sr. Marta accompanied by Sr. Ma. Rita Siochi, our Provincial Superior, to the communities of Saipan and Puerto Princesa, Palawan,  while Sr. Luz Mary together with one of the Provincial Councilors did the round of visits to the other 10 communities.



ń Palawan   ň


Indeed “the Word of God strikes to the heart like a two-edged sword”.  Almost all our Sisters expressed their sincere appreciation for the reflections given and the deepening of the Word from Mark 10:46-52 and the thoughts of our Founder on our basic charismatic legacy. The time for silent prayer, interaction, faith sharing, sisterly dialogue, community evaluation and individual conferences have truly been a graced period of spiritual renewal for all of us - a fitting occasion to recall to mind the invitation to holiness in the ministry of pastoral care, the aim of the commemorative year of our 70th Anniversary of Foundation in line with the General Objective explicated at the 7th General Chapter.



San Fernando-La Union

Broadway community




The lights gushing forth from the icon of Bartimaeus, the blind man of Jericho (Mark 10:46-52), made us more aware not only of the varied areas of blindness we need to cry to God for mercy and compassion, but also the call to let go of the particular “cloaks” we have been tightly clinging to which obstruct our vision from seeing clearly our reality through the eyes of Christ.  Truly, it is only through His own light will we be able to see with the new eye.  The reflections on the Word was explored better and intensified more  with the deepening of Blessed James Alberione’s challenging words to us, Pastorelle: “Always gaze at Jesus Good Shepherd and live as He has lived”, and  inspired by the message he heard from his dream:  “Fear not, I am with you.  From here I will enlighten.  Live in continuous conversion.”


Sr. Luz Mary with the Postulants...


  ... and with the Juniors

Tanza ň




The occasion of looking at the communities’ project of life was another beautiful gesture on the part of the General Government to show their interest and concern for us. It was certainly a significant way of fostering the bond of reconciled relationships among us. We are hopeful and confident that the purposes spelled out for this fraternal visit: to strengthen more and more the union of the Sisters with the General Government, to deepen our ministry of pastoral care, and to encourage the communities in view of the mission, will bear abundant fruits in us in the days ahead..



ń  Imus   a




To Sisters Marta, Luz Mary and Puri, thank you very much for sharing with us the wisdom and richness of your own experience with God. We will surely miss your life-giving presence among us. Our sincere thanks also goes to all of you, Sisters, who accompanied our “journey of faith” with your prayerful support and love.  The best is yet to come with God’s grace.  Let us continue to pray for one another.



Greetings and prayerful wishes