Philippine - Saipan Province


Pauline Family Celebration

Feast of Blessed James Alberione


Eucharistic Celebration - Center of Pauline Spirituality

Even as we celebrated with the whole Church the Feast of Christ the King, we, the Pauline Family in the Philippines: Society of St. Paul, Daughters of St. Paul, Pious Disciples of the Divine Master, Pastorelle Sisters, Aggregated Institutes and Association of Pauline Cooperators, came together in a special way as a Family to commemorate the Founder’s passing from this life into  eternal life. 

The Pauline Family:  SSP, FSP, PDDM, SJBP, aggregated Institutes and Association of Pauline Cooperators


Pauline Juniors’ (SJBP-PDDM-FSP-SSP) Song Number during the Program.


Convinced of the abundant divine grace we received through our common Pauline Vocation, we expressed our gratitude to God through the Eucharistic Celebration for the person of PRIMO MAESTRO, BLESSED JAMES ALBERIONE.  In spite of our many preoccupations, both personal and communal, we cheerfully committed ourselves to this annual family gathering because we believe, as Don Silvio Sassi, the Superior General of the Society of St. Paul, says, “that belonging to the Pauline Family is an immutable element of the Pauline Charism: to diminish it or to try to suppress it is to damage the heredity itself of the Founder.” 


The audience led to learn the Dance Exercise

“Tinikling,” the Filipino National Dance

with Sr. Marta and the children

For us, Pastorelle Sisters, this year’s celebration hosted by us at the newly constructed gym of Jesus Good Shepherd School at Imus, Cavite on November 25, 2006, takes a double significance as we celebrate also the commemorative year of our 70th Foundation Anniversary culminating on October 7, 2008.  Thus, Sr. Marta Finotelli, our Superior General, tells us that we dedicate this year, 2007 to 2008, to “holiness of life in the ministry of pastoral care to reciprocally help each other in the commitment to revive in today’s humanity the ‘taste for God’:  a taste that we are called for primarily to rediscover and to seek each day.”


Jesus Good Shepherd School Faculty Dance Number


There is an even greater hunger for this “taste of God” in the world today. We are called to respond and satisfy that hunger, not in whatever way, but in the way of the Master-Shepherd, Way, Truth, and Life. But first of all, we are called to draw spiritual food and drink from the deep wells of Pauline Spirituality left to us by our Blessed Founder.  As part of this big family of God in the Church, we ask for the whole Pauline Family all over the world the special grace of greater unity and stronger commitment on our part in the study, in the practice and in the communication of the Pauline Spirituality to the people of today.


Jesus Good Shepherd School Glee Club

Jesus Good Shepherd School Dance Troupe


We thank our Brother-Priests from the Society of St. Paul, particularly this years’ main celebrant and homilist in the person of Fr. Loduvico “Boogie” Tacdoro, SSP., for the special participation of our Pauline Juniors,  together with the about 400 members of the Pauline Family who came to celebrate with us and to Jesus Good Shepherd School who prepared the short Program to entertain us all..  Most of all, we were indeed very much blessed  to have with us to grace this occasion our own Superior General, Sr. Marta Finotelli, General Councilor, Sr. Luz Mary Oliveros and Sr. Purisima Tañedo, our Secretary General.


Sr. Marta’s Thanksgiving Message with Sr. Puri as Translator


May this wonderful experience of togetherness continue to challenge us, Paulines,  to follow the example of Primo Maestro and to carry on his legacy, for the love of Christ-Master-Shepherd has indeed called us together!