Pauline Family Novices Big Day 2006


            The novices of the three congregations founded by Blessed James Alberione: Daughters of Saint Paul (FSP), Pious Disciples of the Divine Master (PDDM) and the Sisters of Jesus Good Shepherd (SJBP) gathered for the Pauline Family Novices’ Big Day last February 19 – 20, 2006. It was held at the PDDM Novitiate House in Sta. Mesa, Manila.



Recalling my experiences, I am very grateful to God for His abiding love and blessings for the many gifts he has bestowed upon me: for the gift of life, vocation and the Pauline Family. I am also grateful to our formators: Sr. Noemie (DSP), Sr. Beth (PDDM) and our very own Sr. Revy (SJBP), who made this overnight encounter possible and of course, to my co-novices for their gift of person.



The encounter seemed too short for all of us but it surely has given us life, hope and inspiration to move on and share Christ in our own little way. As I went back to my experiences, there were some activities that had struck me. First, was during our Eucharistic Visit as we gathered as one family in prayer and when the prayer animator gave us an instruction to look at our hands that received much blessings from God in different ways. I thought it was so true I received countless blessings from Him. Notwithstanding the truth that His own hands instead were nailed on the cross and His own life was offered and He died for my sins. Second, was during our film viewing of the film entitled “The Secret of the Horse”. It was a movie full of life and values that everyone would love. It was evident as we shared our own reflections on the questionnaires given to us about that film.


Third, was during the Holy Mass that as we thank and praise God we also helped in the animation of the Liturgy through our singing. The Eucharistic Celebration became the concluding activity of this Novices’ Encounter.


Novice Zenaida F. Gellez