Philippines Province

September 3  *  FEAST of MARY,



Mass Presider:  Rev. Fr. Rollin Jean Marie Flores, SSP



Renewal of Vows: 


Jessica Aglavia,  

Doris Arcon,

Roselle dela Cruz

Marilyn Delalamon

Marites Perez





Loving Father, you have a plan for our life.  This plan is unique and only for each of us.  To the extent that we are able to surrender ourselves freely into  your hands, and like clay we let ourselves be molded into the person and the plan you have created especially for each of us, we fulfill ourselves. 


Your Fatherís love and care never leave us as we seek to let ourselves be fashioned into the person you have called us to become.  Even when we turn away, you are ever present with open arms and an open heart to embrace us again.  As a potter holds his vessel closely to create and form it more perfectly, so you, our Father-Creator, holds and continues to shape us into the image of your Son until Jesus our Good Shepherd is formed in each of us.



Thank you, O God, for those people who are channels of your love in our lives, who at every stage of our journey teach us trust by trusting us and enable us to love others through the experience of being loved.



Receive us, Mary, Mother, Teacher and Queen, among those whom you love, nourish, sanctify and guide, in the school of Jesus Christ, the Divine Master-Shepherd . . .



God of love, for these healing experiences of growth and loving, and for the knowledge that the best is yet to come, we praise your Holy Name through Jesus our Good Shepherd and Mary, Mother of the Good Shepherd and our Mother too!.