Young Perpetuals’

On-going Formation Encounter


          The on-going formation for the Sisters whose Perpetual Profession  between 6 to 11 years is being done through an encounter from May 16-30, 2006.


          The 1st three days of the encounter was spent on a pilgrimage on Charism guided and facilitated by Sr. Cristina Justo.  The pilgrimage aimed at tracing the root of our origin so as to rediscover the charismatic foundation of our congregation with renewed enthusiasm as well as to deepen our appreciation and love to the foundational places of the Pauline Family.


          Although the places are in the Philippine setting, we tried to situate ourselves through our imagination  to the places of origin in Italy with the help of Sr. Cristina’s orientation and explanation of the places supported with photos and concrete facts of events that made the place significant.



          The first day we journeyed to the places of grace which is in Bra – where the birth, the infancy and the baptism of Blessed Alberione took place. In Fossano his childhood experience of simplicity, poverty and above all his Marian devotions happened through the influence of his mother Theresa.  In  Cherasco the youth and the priesthood of Blessed James Alberione happened.  On the second day we went to the places of fulfillment in Alba particularly the cathedral where the famous night of light occurred at the turn of the century.  And on this same day we went to the places of faith in Narzole where our Founder exercised his pastoral ministry with zeal  and the first thought of our foundation as a congregation.


          We are overwhelmed of the goodness God has done to our founder and his profound

response and gratuitousness to the favor with which  the Lord has blessed him.  In our reflections we could not help but see our own journey in relation with that of our founder’s so that we were challenged to trace the origin of our calling in connection with our life now as Pastorelle.



          On the 3rd day we visited Benevello and we were inspired of Blessed James’ life of prayer and holiness as he would confess every night to his spiritual director, Canon Chiesa believing that every small sin is a hindrance to the work of the spirit in him.  He was indeed a man of prayer, discernment and action.


          Then we went back to Alba to visit the Jesus Divine Master Shrine, a place of light, truth, virtues and prayer.  The 2nd to the last parish  we visited was the Church of St. Paul – the church of prayer and of the good press.  We learned that this parish is the center and the soul of the Pauline Family.  An idea of a family, of communion, and unity among us members of the Pauline Family.  And finally the last church we went to was Sts. Cosmas and Damian Church, a center for fruitful encounters especially when our Founder had to make important decisions.


          Our three-day pilgrimage  was enriching, inspiring, and overwhelming as we saw  the marvelous things God has done to our Founder. Above all we are challenged to be persevering and  faithful to the legacy of our charism  Blessed Alberione handed down to us.


          In our evaluation and assessment everyone expressed appreciation and a sincere desire to follow the example of our Founder in living out  our consecrated life, his zeal and dedication in the pastoral ministry, and his faithfulness to God and to his vocation.  We ask God’s  grace to sustain us daily in our desire to continue our journey to  the  places of grace, of fulfillment, and of faith with renewed enthusiasm.


          Our heartfelt gratitude to Sr. Cristina who untiringly accompanied and guided us in this enriching and grace-filled pilgrimage to the foundational places of our origin.