Philippine-Australia-Saipan Province

Annual Assembly and celebration

of the 70th anniversary of our foundation

 "Be united in your love"

(Phil 1:1)


The Pastorelle Sisters in Australia gathered at Bundoora for their annual Assembly from 29 September to 2 October 2008. Present was also Sr. Brenda Balingasa who was visiting from the Philippines and this helped us celebrate our unity with all the Sisters in the Philippine-Australia-Saipan Province.


The theme of the Assembly “Connecting to the sources of life to build a life giving community” was an echo of the exhortation of St. Paul to the Philippians: “Be united in your convictions and united in your love, with a common purpose and a common mind. In your minds you must be the same as Christ Jesus” (Phil. 2:2).


A lovely expression of this unity was the community celebration of the birthdays of Sr. Estelita, Sr. Mia  and Sr. Doreen.


One of the highlights of the Assembly was the celebration of the 70th anniversary of foundation of our Congregation, and the grace of celebrating the event with the two pastors with whom Sr. Doreen Bentley works: Fr. Emmanuel Bonello, parish priest of St. Joseph the Worker in North Reservoir, and Fr. Stephen Kandarapally, parish priest of St. Matthew, North Fawkner.







Fr. Emmanuel Bonello









Fr. Stephen Kandarapally


On the third day the principal celebrant at the Eucharist was a Scalabrinian priest, Fr. Delmar Silva, and we were delighted to hear him speak with much fondness of the long association between the Scalabrinian Fathers and the Pastorelle Sisters in the ministry of pastoral care since their arrival in Australia and in more recent years also in the Philippines.


For the occasion, Sr. Doreen prepared a gallery of photos showing the early days of the Congregation and highlighting the beauty of our vocation at the service of the people of God.



The greetings and prayer received from Sr. Marta Finotelli and Council brought home to us the gift of our belonging to this beautiful Religious Family.


The Assembly was also an opportunity for the Sisters to share their pastoral experiences and to report on seminars and workshops attended during the year.


We remembered and we gave thanks for the wonders the Lord has done for us and through us. We have been abundantly blessed and we trust that Jesus the Good Shepherd will continue to guide us and be with us always.

Sr. Mary La Bruna