Philippine-Australia-Saipan Province


The Pastorelle Sisters Celebrated  the 70th day
of Foundation in SAIPAN


On the occasion of the 70th Anniversary of Foundation of our Congregation, on 7 October 2008, the Pastorelle Sisters at Saipan, together with the parish community, celebrated this grace-filled event in a Eucharistic celebration in thanksgiving for all the wonders the Lord has showered on us.


This green photo is our gift (fan) to all who attended the Mass - a simple token.



The Holy Mass was presided by Fr. Francisco Santos, the Administrator of San Antonio Parish, together with 3 other Priests.



The introduction was done by Sr. Maria Estela, the the Fisrt Reading by Francis Hill. The  Homily was given by Fr. Francisco Santos and prayers of the Faithful by Maria Aldan, a Pauline Cooperator in the Parish.




Sr. Cynthia played the guitar for the offertory hymn Chamorro Song while the people joined in the singing.



After the Prayer of Communion, Sr. Cynthia and Sr. Ma. Estela recited the Prayer for the Gift of Holiness while the people follow in silence.


The Holy Mass end with the blessing of the 4 priests, Fr. Francisco Santos, Fr. Primito Lopez, Fr. Nonoy Recaido and Fr. Rey Rosal.


Then followed by Agape in the Social Hall of San Antonio Parish. The people who joined us.











The Pastorelle Sisters of Saipan