Philippine-Australia-Saipan Province

Annual Assembly


To prepare the whole Philippine-Australia-Saipan Province for our annual evaluation and planning, Dr Estela Padilla, Phd., the Pastoral Coordinator of “Bukal ng Tipan”, was invited to facilitate the seminar-workshop on “Embodying Christian Leadership and Theology of the Body”.  It was held at the Provincial House, QC on April 8 - 12, 2008. Bukal ng Tipan is a mission spirituality center that journeys with people towards a participatory Church in the world by facilitating an experience of community and practical skills training.

Sr. Marita Provincial Superior welcoming all Dr. Estela Padilla during the sessions

Dr Estela opened the session by leading us to a deeper reflection of the body with the words of John Paul II:

“The body, and it alone, is capable of making visible what is invisible, the spiritual and the divine. It was created to transfer into a visible reality of the world, the mystery hidden since time immemorial in God, and thus be a sign of it . . .”



The topics profoundly and creatively presented to us were:


  • The body / embodied self (katawan) / (katauhan) of the minister

  • The body in ministry (kinatawan ni Kristo)

  • The Body of Christ (Katawan ni Kristo)

  • Guided by the “spirituality of the body” what does it mean to lead with soul?” 


In our own parlance it means, “how do we embody / contextualize theology / live the ministry of pastoral care in response to the need of our community, of the Congregation and of  humanity today”?   

Reflections were evoked from the personal sharing of the participants, profoundly and creatively presented through silent moments of prayer on biblical reflections, games, creative dancing and workshops enthusiastically and dynamically participated by all.


Group Presentations


Group Work



The seminar-workshop winded-up with a day of Recollection on the Theology of the Body, wherein the Sisters in their most comfortable attires were asked to remain in silence—get in touch with their feelings, as their body is being traced by a partner.  In their chosen corners, each Sister communicates intimately to its different parts by asking forgiveness for its neglect, and thanking-- blessing each part for having been such a vessel of grace in one’s own spiritual journey to fullness of life . A dance of Ritual Blessing for each age group: (of 30’s, 40’s, 50’s’ 60’s and 70’s) was done to conclude the day.


Creative way of encountering the Lord and one another


 Let us catch the VISION,
Live the DREAM!