Philippine-Australia-Saipan Province

 “...lead people towards the place of life...”


In praying the novena to Jesus Good Shepherd, we have daily meditated on the words of our Founder on the essence of our vocation as Pastorelle Sisters: to give ourselves for “souls”; in imitation of Jesus Good Shepherd, to desire nothing else but that all people come to God. In 1948 he said: “The goal of pastoral care is the good of souls ... Our reason for being is to give God ... Associated in the same purpose, collaborating, suffering and rejoicing with Jesus and Mary in the redemption of the world: parish priest and Pastorelle. (...) To unite souls to God! It is inconceivable that a pastor would not lead to Jesus”.


These thoughts echo the same sentiments expressed by Pope Benedict XVI: lead people out of the desert, towards the place of life, towards friendship with the Son of God, towards the One who gives life and life in abundance”.


In the parish of St. Joseph the Worker, North Reservoir, Sr. Doreen Bentley, in collaboration with the parish priest, Fr. Emmanuel Bonello, has set up Adult Education in the Faith programmes to encourage people to come to a deeper appreciation of their faith and thus grow closer to God. The RCIA, The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults, is one of these programs, the Mothers Prayer is another, and Baptism preparation for parents and godparents prior to the Baptism of children is yet another.



Last Sunday, third Sunday of Easter, 26 April 2009, the parish rejoiced in welcoming Julie Littler into the Church. She was baptised in Christ, received Holy Communion and was sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit, witnessed by the parish community gathered together for the Sunday Eucharist. In presenting Julie to the congregation she said: “Julie has shown a keen interest in the content of the faith and has demonstrated herself to be a woman of profound faith and deep spiritual insight. I consider it an honour to recommend that she be accepted as a member of our Catholic Church.”



In the parish there are also many young couples who bring their young children for Baptism. Every week they have an average of 3 baptisms. Last Sunday, as well as Julie, there were four children received in the Church. The photos tell the story. On request, Doreen also decorates the stoles and candles for the newly baptised which remain a very special remembrance of the occasion.



Sr. Mary La Bruna sjbp