Philippines-Australia-Saipan Province

Celebrating the 45th World Day of Prayer for Vocations



On Sunday 13 April 2008, 4th Sunday of Easter, 45th World Day of Prayer for Vocations on the theme: “Vocations at the service of the Church on mission”, and feast of Jesus Good Shepherd, a large crowd of parishioners, Pauline Cooperators, members of other religious families, and friends gathered in St. Luke’s Church, Lalor,  for the Eucharistic celebration to pray for vocations, and to give thanks to God for all pastors and Religious men and women in the Church, and especially for all the Pastorelle Sisters in the world.



The liturgy was animated by Sr. Nelia and the parish youth who are also preparing to go to Sydney to participate in the World Youth Day 2008 to be held in July.


The main celebrant was the parish priest, Fr. Florentino Galdo, Scalabrinian. For the homily, he improvised by asking one of the Pastorelle Sisters to share the story of her vocation with the assembly, and then he, in turn, shared the story of how he came to join the Scalabrinian Congregation. Both Sr. Rita and Fr. Galdo underlined their awareness of God’s initiative in calling them to follow Jesus and placing their life at the service of the Gospel. The choir was beautifully led by the Couples for Christ group.



Present at the celebration was Mrs. Sheila Campbell who has been involved in the Religious Education of parish children in Government schools along side the Pastorelle Sisters, and even before the arrival of the Sisters in the parish, for over forty years. We salute her as a very dedicated holy Catechist, and a wonderful witness of life in Christ for the whole community.


The reflection after Communion addressed specifically to the young people in the assembly, focussed on the question: “What will I do with my one wild precious life?



We continue to ask Jesus Good Shepherd to send good labourers into his vineyard, confident that he continues to lead us and cares for us all the days of our lives.


Jesus, eternal Shepherd of our souls,

send good labourers into your vineyard!


Sr. Mary La Bruna sjbp