Philippine - Australia - Saipan Province


Sr. Marivic  P. Ching and the two Novices Marnie and Cris as a team conducted a whole day recollection for the graduating students of NAMEI Polytechnic College last January 26, 2009.



The theme of the whole day recollection was “Gratitude is the Memory of the Heart”. The gospel text of the Two Blind Men Mk. 20:29-34 accompanied the group for the reflections, sharing and prayers.



They were led to identify who are the “crowds” and “jesuses” in their lives and in what way one can be like the blind men, they were also challenged to give a response to the Lord like the blind men who became followers of the Lord.



Fr. Savino Bernardi, C.S. apostleship of the Sea (AOS) Director came to culminate the day with the celebration of the Mass. In his homily he stressed on; that only then one can continue on the journey of life if one knows how to stop, listen, see and identify with gratitude of the heart the basic elements of the Christian journey.


The college dean also spoke with depths and shared words of wisdom. The students in turn expressed their deep gratitude to the administrators and professors by rendering a very meaningful tagalong song “ANAK” that speaks about life and journey.



We continue to accompany these young people with our prayers especially that now they are about to enter the real world of their profession SEAFARING which is risky, dangerous and lonely.


Sr. Marivic Ching