Philippine-Australia-Saipan Province

Cross Cultural Summer Course 2008

From 4 to 25 January 2008, Sr. Nelia Llanto attended a residential Cross Cultural Summer Course at Baulkam Hills, New South Wales.



The course has been developed as a collaborative venture of the Sisters of St. Joseph and St. Columban’s Mission Society for Religious and laity called to live and minister in an unfamiliar cultural setting, and for people who continue to live in their familiar culture, while ministering across culture. Input is integrated through shared experience, faith sharing, creative opportunities and ritual.


Some of the topics explored include Theology of Mission, Spirituality of Mission, Culture and Inculturation, Inter-Religious Dialogue, Psychological implication, Eucharist and Justice.


There were 15 participants in the Course coming from different countries: Australia, Nigeria, Argentina, China, Germany, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and Philippines.




Sr. Nelia herself is from the Philippines and came to Australia in 2003. She has been involved in full time ministry of pastoral care in St. Luke’s parish, Lalor (Melbourne) in collaboration with the Scalabrinian Priests. The parish of St. Luke is largely made up of people who have come to Australia from many countries such as Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Samoa, Vietnam, India, Philippines, Malta, South America and Italy, while many of the younger generation are Australian born. It is a very rewarding experience of “all nations journeying together in peace in the name of the Lord Jesus”.


Sr. Nelia found the Course very valuable and challenging; a very enriching experience for her ministry as a Pastorelle Sister in Australia and for the mission of our Congregation in this country.