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"New Heart, New Spirit"



This year dedicated to St. Paul the Apostle, “New Heart, New Spirit” was the theme for the SEAFARERS LENTEN RECOLLECTION last March 21, 2009 at the Pastorelle Multipurpose Hall, New Manila, Quezon City.



Bro. Noel Salvacion from the SVD Wellness Center was invited to share his insights and thoughts on the theme. He emphasized that the basic human call of every person is to be human, Christian and professional. The seafarers were also led and accompanied to look back of the past experiences and to be grateful of the giftedness of it. And they realized the significance and importance of allowing Jesus to be the Captain of their journeys.


There were seventy three (73) seafarers who came to participate the said recollection. They all felt welcomed by the sisters. Sr. Ma. Rita, our Provincial Superior gave a heartwarming welcome message. The dynamics of the recollection, the small group sharing was very helpful for the seafarers to share their experiences and to know one another more deeply... the sacrament of confession was very meaningful to them all went to confess after many years, so their change of heart is reminiscent of St. Paul after his encounter with the Lord. Let’s hope it lasts.


Fr. Savino L. Bernardi, CS, director of the Apostleship of the Sea- Manila came to hear confession and presided the Eucharistic Celebration. Toward the end of the Mass, the seafarers took the opportunity to express their gratitude to Fr. Savino, who has been appointed Provincial Superior of the Cabrini Province of the Scalabrinians and who for thirteen (13) years has been the chaplain and director of AOS- Manila.



Seaman Lino Jintula read the message in behalf of the seafarers and it goes;


“We are grateful for the countless gestures of support, concern and love you have for us seafarers. Your blessings and prayers before we depart for deployment on board the ship, your show of interest in listening to our stories about our personal, relational and professional experiences, your unfatiguable energy to help promote our welfare and benefits in our profession, and above all for your limitless understandings of us and about the reality of our professional life are left a marked in us. It is painful to let you go…but what can we do.”


A flowering plant was given to Fr. Savino while all the seafarers present rendered him beautiful religious song “In His Time”.



Truly a blessed day with the Lord!


Sr.Mavic Ching sjbp