Philippine-Australia-Saipan Province


SMT '08
Hong Kong, China


Seafarers Ministry Training (SMT) was held recently in Hong Kong, China, on October 13 – 27, 2008 sponsored by the International Christian Maritime Association (ICMA). Sr. Marivic P. Ching, SJBP was one of the 17 participants coming from different religions and countries; India, Germany, Bulgaria, Hong Kong, London, Indonesia, Singapore, Brazil, Malaysia and the Philippines.



The participants lived and dined together at the Mariner’s Club owned and administered by the Anglican Church and most significantly journeyed together in learning more for the care of our dear seafarers.



This training primarily introduced new Ministers to the Maritime Ministry and to the theological and practical aspects of ministering to the wider Maritime community. It was set up to help us trainees to deepen our commitment to the ministry and to develop our professional and spiritual perspective. The participants own style, religious and cultural background play an important role in the learning process. A variety of training methods was applied to serve the diversity of learning styles and academic backgrounds of the trainees. Group work and role playing help us understand the academic foundations of subject.



The core modules were: Pastoral Counseling, Seafarer’s Rights, Ecumenism and Intercultural Communication. The emphasis is on learning that reflects real situations, allowing us to learn valuable skills that can easily be applied to our workplace.



We did not just learn the academics of the endeavor but also the joyful fact that we can learn more when we are happy – and when such happiness comes from being united, despite the diversity, one with those who share our burdens and with Christ, “from all good things come!”


Seafarer’s Ministry Training (SMT) provided us – participants – the unique opportunity to learn from each other in a multicultural and ecumenical environment.


Sr. Marivic P. Ching, SJBP