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Days in the Dioceses
10-14 July 2008 




Days in the Dioceses, 10 to 14 July 2008, has been a celebration of faith hosted in the dioceses throughout Australia and New Zealand.


It’s been an opportunity for local exchange with other young people. Young people in the communities and parishes around Melbourne have had the chance to dialogue, exchange and build friendships with young people of a similar age and background as well as participate in our hospitality program, know as the Melbourne Stay. Foreign guests have been able to share in the everyday lives of others and learn more about the diversity of the living Church that exists in Melbourne.


Highlights from the Commissioning Mass at Telstra Dome


Central to the Days in the Dioceses program was the Commissioning Mass, held at the Telstra Dome, Melbourne, on Friday 11 July.


Commissioning of the seventeen young parishioners of Bundoora


The Commissioning Mass was the occasion for the Melbourne Archdiocese, led by His Grace, Archbishop Denis Hart, to commission local and international WYD’08 pilgrims for their onward pilgrimage to Sydney. It was an extraordinary rich, artistic, creative and faith filled experience for all our many visitors and Melbournians – in all over 30,000.


Pilgrims from India who were welcomed by Sr. Mia and parishioners at St. Paul’s, Coburg


A group of pilgrims from Germany who stayed in our community at Bundoora


In our parish of St. Domains, Bundoora 150 pilgrims from Germany found their home from the 2-13 July, and seventeen young parishioners today joined them on their way to Sydney to meet and pray with Pope Benedict XVI. During the Eucharistic celebration the seventeen young parishioners were commissioned by Fr. Michael Kalka, parish priest, and presented with a missionary Cross.


The parish community promised to accompany them with our prayer.


Sr. Mary La Bruna, sjbp