Greetings of the Superior General

on the 71st ° anniversary
of the Foundation of our Religious Family


“Here in that country, in that parish, there are three sisters, there are four sisters who are examples of charity and do nothing but spread goodness, truth, peace, holiness, courage and faith. They are the apostles of the good. They are the apostles of charity. They are the apostles of salvation.”

Blessed James Alberione - AAP, 1960, 217



Dearest Sisters,

Seventy-two years have passed since the day our religious family was born! Years of grace, marked by the love of the Good Shepherd and His Church, to whom we can continue to invoke on His infinite mercy on us and the entire humanity.

We rediscover the joy of being called “Apostles of salvation”, as our Founder dreamed the Pastorelle. Let us help spread in the world, through our pastoral care goodness, truth, peace, holiness.

May Mary, the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary intercede for each Pastorella the courage of a life lived on faith in the only Lord and Savior.

Greetings to all and a special prayer for each one.

With affection,


Sr. Marta Finotelli

and the Sisters of the General Government


Rome, 7 October 2010
On the 72nd Anniversary of Foundation