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The first Pastorelle in Taiwan


 “Sing to the Lord a new song,

 for He has done marvelous deeds.”

Ps. 97


It was indeed a big grace for the Congregation that the two of us, Pastorelle, have finally landed on the soil of China last Feb. 2, 2011.


I arrived at Taipei  International Airport at 9:10 a.m. The FSP Sisters: Sr. Giulietta (Italian) Vicar delegate, Sr. Thecla (Taiwanese) Superior of the Community and Sr. Cecilia (Japanese) met me at the Airport. Sr. Maria Lim Hee Jung arrived in the afternoon of the same day together with Sr. Filagia, a FSP Korean Sister. Sr. Maria, FSP and I met her at the airport.


Sr Jessica Aglavia (Filipina) and sr Maria Lim Hee Jung (Korean),

the first Pastorelle in Taiwan


At present, we are in the community of Taipei, the main house, an international community composing of sisters who are: Italian, Japanese, Taiwanese-Chinese, Korean, Singaporean, a Vietnamese postulant and a Chinese aspirant and Sr. Giulietta, the formator.


The community of the Daughters of St. Paul in Taipei


During our first supper which was also the celebration of the Chinese New Year, each Sister received a red envelope with Taiwanese money, which is a Chinese culture. We attended the Mass in the Chapel of Fu Jen Catholic University with our Chinese brothers and sisters.  


We met the PDDM and FSP Sisters during the Mass at the FSP Chapel. Sr. Aida, a Filipina PDDM, invited us for lunch on that day with another Filipina Sister, Sr. Federica, FSP.  The PDDM Sisters then brought us around Yang Ming San, one of Taipei’s beautiful places  near the mountain.




Thanks to the kindness of the PDDM sisters, we also went to Taipei Floral Expo last Sunday.



Tomorrow, February 9, we will go to Taichung, in one of the FSP houses, where we will stay and have our study of the Chinese language and culture. In our brief stay in Taipei, we did our personal study as preparation for our future formal study at the Providence University in Taichung which will start on March 2, 2011. 


Indeed the Lord is so good. Please continue to pray for the work of God to be accomplished among his people in China despite and in spite of us, his unworthy instruments. May God bless us all.




Here is our address:

C/o Daughters of St. Paul

56 Pei Ping Rd. 4th Sect.




Sr. Jessica Aglavia sjbp