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Mid- Autumn Festival - 中秋節


September 12, this year, 2011, is considered as one of the important holidays for our Chinese brothers and sister because they are celebrating the Mid- Autumn Festival  (中秋節), also known as the Moon Festival or Zhongqiu Festival. It is a popular harvest festival celebrated by the Chinese and it is also sometimes referred to as the Lantern Festival or Mooncake Festival.


Since mid 1980’s, the Taiwanese started the trend of barbecue cooking with friends and family at Mid-Autumn Festival. According to different sources, this trend started in order to boost the commercial company, others claim that people usually get hungry when watching the moon, so barbecue outdoor become widespread among the people.


Together with our Chinese brothers and sisters we started the day with a Eucharistic celebration where in the priest greeted the people a happy Mid- Autumn Festival (Zhongqiujie kuailei- 中秋節快樂). As part of inculturation we may consider this feast as a thanksgiving for the bountiful harvest and to appreciate the moon as God’s creation. This Chinese feast is very significant because it is a time to stop from all activities and give time to the source of everything - our Lord Jesus Christ.


Our community also prepared also barbeque and moon cake to follow the tradition in Taiwan. The Daughters of St Paul invited us to join them in their meal to celebrate this thanksgiving feast. In the middle of the table, there was a hot pot with boiling soup where we put vegetables, meat, dumpling and seafood. While sharing the meal, it was very striking to note that everybody was getting food from the same pot and sharing whatever there was.







After supper we went to the “night market” where Taiwan is famous of. Each of us was given a  piece of paper with number, then given a minute to enter a room and choose the things we need and desire that can be useful for us. It was also an occasion to share some fun and stories.  



Every experience is helping us to know each other always more, whether among the three of us and also with the Daughters of St Paul.


For the community

Sr. Jessica Aglavia, sjbp